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The Glorious Book of Curious Cocktails

The Glorious Book of Curious Cocktails



The Glorious Book of Curious Cocktails is a disgustingly delicious book which teaches children all about onomatopoeia, alliteration and other literary devices. This humorous book contains ridiculous recipes, fun activity pages and real recipes that children can make using edible ingredients. Children are encouraged to use language and drawing to invent their own silly recipes, developing literacy skills and imagination.

This unique book has been written, illustrated and designed by Lisa Maltby. It has been produced as a beautiful hardcover A4 book with 42 pages. Each book comes with a sticker sheet and activity book.

"Imaginative, educational, funny and beautifully illustrated."

"Thanks for the book. My daughter (age 4.5) wanted it reading in bed three nights on the trot last week, which has never happened on any other book."

"I spent 40 minutes reading it this morning to my three year old. She was utterly captivated. Amazing."

"The beautiful illustrations, design and layout look absolutely stunning in print. Wow! I had planned for it to be a present but I may need to reconsider."

You can learn more about the book here.

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