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Here are a few things to consider before commissioning me in order to establish the best solutions to meet your requirements. If you have any further questions about how to work with me then please get in touch.

1/ Size & format

How large do you need the illustration? Does it need to fit within specific proportions? These are important questions to ask because adapting an image once completed is much more complicated. Similarly, different file formats suit different uses so it’s crucial to clarify how the artwork needs to be delivered in order for the work to be created in the best way to suit the desired outputs.

2/ Context

The commissioned work may appear in different contexts and sizes which may mean approaching the work in different ways. Illustrations for mobile apps, for example, may need less detail in order to be clearer on smaller screens, whereas work in other contexts may need considerably more detail. Will the work be appearing in books or on signage? Will it be on a web page or does it need to be animated? The context of the work may influence how the original work is produced.

3/ Usage

It is standard practice for illustrators and photographers to account for usage of commercial work – this is also advised by The Association of Illustrators. What will the work be used on and how long for? If an illustration were to feature on a small run of leaflets for a local company, for example, the cost would be considerably cheaper than if it were to feature on an international ad campaign. If you want to own full rights to the illustration/s this would be a much higher fee than agreeing a few uses for a limited time period. There’s usually no need for a client to pay for full copyright of an image because it is unlikely the work would be re-used enough to warrant the cost. Don’t worry if you’re not sure of everything you need to use the work on yet, this can also be discussed at a later date. Additional use is usually a percentage of the original fee, depending on the criteria.

If you’d like to understand more about usage or how other illustrators work here are some links that are useful:
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4/ Originality

All the work I create has not been used elsewhere and is exclusive for each client for the duration of the agreed terms. I do not make other profit from client work unless it is directly related to the original commission and the value it brings to the client. With this in mind, I also do not copy others’ work or ideas.

5/ Aesthetics

All illustrations are in the style of work in my portfolio so it’s helpful to know if you have examples of my work you want to base your commission on. My work also has various stages of detail and colour so estabishing how detailed you would like the end result to be is helpful before commencing on a rough visual. It’s also useful to know if you are working to any particular colour schemes so that the final work can compliment other collateral or brand colours.

6/ Deliverables

I ask clients to outline any specific deadlines or timelines of deliverables. If deadlines are unrealistic I will say so, giving the client opportunity to push deadlines back or to commission another illustrator. I aim to respond to enquiries promptly and once timescales and terms have been established I work to ensure I meet them, keeping clients up to date with progress.

7/ Budget

If you are working to particular budgets this is helpful in order to establish project specifications. Different things affect the cost, such as time, development, materials, output and commercial use so it may be that solutions can be tailored to your budget.

Got any questions? Please get in touch!

I am a member of the Association of Illustrators