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why you don't always need followers to be successful

I’ve not updated my blog for a while. It’s not that I haven’t been doing creative things, it’s just that I haven’t felt the need to promote myself or prove to anyone that I’m actually being creative or not. The truth is, social media is about making yourself look better than you actually are - trying to convince the world that you’re successful; that you have far more commissions under your belt than your tax return would tell us. 

Admittedly there are times when I actively think about what I can post on social media, rather than social media being a natural overflow of what I’m already doing. Of course, there’s an element of self promotion that is important - the things you write could put people off or gain new clients, but if your interest in new followers has suddenly gone past the point of connecting with interesting people then I think we’ve lost the point. We get into a vicious cycle of followers = success, happy that we’ve just got another 5 followers who, actually, we have nothing in common with and are merely trying to get other followers too. You end up with hundreds of followers who are following you just because you’re following them.

Part of me doesn’t even know who I am on social media. Primarily I’m an artist, but I come under my own name, not a business, therefore I am more than that: I am a writer, a singer; I love music and dancing; I love fashion and beauty; I’m a mother too - but that makes me kind of uncool - spamming your feed with random photos of my kid in a cute outfit doesn’t always go down well with trying to promote yourself as an artist.  

I guess my point is that we need to be genuine, else who can trust us and connect with us? And why are we posting on social media? Is it because we just want to share what we’ve been up to or are we better off investing our time into developing our work, investigating new avenues for selling it, or just simply enjoying what we do just because it’s who we are. No one needs to like your drawings to tell you you are good. That’s not what it’s about.

I guess I just want to connect with genuine people, people I can be inspired by or get advice from or hopefully work with. I want my work to be shared because that’s what visual work is all about- it needs to be seen to fulfil it’s purpose. I hope it inspires you too, but if it doesn’t, no hard cheddar, I’ll get over it, because my work is more than your opinion and whether you decide to unfollow me today.