LISA MALTBY Illustration & Lettering


Welcome to my blog where I post about all things creative, from my latest food illustrations, design work and hand lettering doodles, to articles about freelancing and creativity. I hope you like my posts.

The best of both worlds - how graphic design inspires my work.

Here’s some of the work I’ve been doing for Leap Design who I have been working with for 9 years now. I love having the variety of working on graphic design projects, photography and illustration. I find that my design work has inspired me to think very differently about my personal work, taking into account layout and including elements such as typography and photography within my illustrations too. It has also encouraged me to finalise my illustrations digitally (I now get slightly frustrated without my ‘cmd 7’ undo tool!). I like the freedom that working digitally brings and that my designs can be altered, adapted and reworked - and even 'unworked’ sometimes.

Working with a team of graphic designers is also great for making sure that I have people to bounce ideas off and work together with on projects, which is often the opposite of any illustration commissions. I have more of an understanding of working commercially and creating work for print too.  

I think it’s important for any creative to immerse his or herself in as many different forms of creativity as possible because there will always be new elements you can learn from. It’s helped me to try out new things in my personal work which I would never have done a few years ago. My illustration work has also given me fresh ideas for my design work.

Are you in the creative industry? How do you make sure you are developing your work and gaining inspiration from your creative peers?