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Bangers and Cash illustrated bonnet

mural illustration

Bangers and Cash is a charity Arts project that is raising money for Roundabout - a local charity that provides shelter, support and life skills to young people.I was commissioned to illustrate a car bonnet that could take part in the rally and then be auctioned off at the end of the tour.

I wanted to create a fun design that reflected the idea behind the ‘Bangers and Cash’ project. I chose the phrase ‘on it like a bonnet’ for obvious reasons, not only because the project involves creating artwork on physical car bonnets, but also because of its positive meaning - having confidence and enthusiasm about completing a task. The Bangers and Cash project is raising money in order to instil confidence in young people and give them the skills to approach life with enthusiasm.

on it like a bonnet
Bangers and cash project
close up lettering
design close up
on it like a bonnet