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Bangers and Cash illustrated bonnet

bangers and cash bonnet

I was recently asked to swap my digital canvas for a car bonnet!! (Never a dull moment!) Bangers and Cash is a charity Arts project that is raising money for Roundabout - a local charity that provides shelter, support and life skills to young people. Artists are painting bonnets for cars which will be on tour around Europe and then auctioned off at the end!

I wanted to create a fun design that reflected the idea behind the ‘Bangers and Cash’ project. I chose the phrase ‘on it like a bonnet’ for obvious reasons, not only because the project involves creating artwork on physical car bonnets, but also because of its positive meaning - having confidence and enthusiasm about completing a task. The Bangers and Cash project is raising money in order to instil confidence in young people and give them the skills to approach life with enthusiasm.

Artists can apply to work on the cars for the exhibition that will take place in August, then the cars will go on a tour around Europe. If you're a business and would like to sponsor a team and a car there are 40 places...  If you want to find out more or get involved with this project check out here:

on it like a bonnet
Bangers and cash project
Bangers and cash project
close up lettering
design close up
on it like a bonnet

Me with my bonnet design at the Bangers and Cash launch in the Winter Gardens, Sheffield