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I have a new studio!

sum studios

Less than a year ago I updated you to say that I had moved to a new work space, so it may come as a suprise that I am writing to tell you that I have moved again. My time at my previous work space was great and I shall miss working around the people I shared with (especially for gin Fridays!), but it felt right to move on to somewhere that allowed me to connect and collaborate with other professionals in my specific field. It has become really apparent to me in my work that I want to be someone who is always creatively challenged and inspired and it helps to be in an environment where people have similar goals (or where I can at least nick their Pantone books 😉).

So, I have moved to the amazing Sum Studios, which I am very excited about (and no, not just because I can now write 'studio' on my business cards). Sum Studios is the home of many other creative businesses and I will be sharing a studio with two other great designers, Alex and James. I am very much looking forward to working from such a great place and meeting some new people. If you're ever in the area please pop in and say hi!

My new address is: Studio 27, Sum Studios, Hartley Street, Sheffield, S2 3AQ.

Admittedly, my desk will probably never look this tidy again.

Admittedly, my desk will probably never look this tidy again.