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My Exhibition: My Sheffield

All works for sale are original, signed first edition giclee prints.


I’m sure you’re all very busy people, so why would you want to take the time to come to my exhibition? Well, if you haven’t clicked off this page yet (well done), then I’m going to tell you why you should come and see my work in 5 little points… 

1) It’s for a good cause:

Part of the reason I’m doing this exhibition is to raise money and awareness for the charity “The Snowdrop Project”. You may not have heard of them as they’re a relatively new charity, based in Sheffield but the work that they do is amazing. The Snowdrop Project gives victims of human trafficking the vital support they need to build new lives, no longer defined by their traumatic past. All profits from this exhibition are going to this charity, so you can buy my art and feel good about yourself too :)

Find out more about them at


2) It’s all in the detail:

Art that’s hung and framed has a very different feel to work that’s seen online. For example, a lot of the detail within my work gets lost when it’s seen on a small scale. Because I work digitally, I am able to zoom in and add different textures and elements so that they can be blown up bigger and hopefully give a striking effect, especially at a larger scale. You need to see the work in person to appreciate this. The pieces on display are limited edition, original giclee prints.

3) Sheffield is an amazing city…

If you don’t live in Sheffield, then it’s really worth a visit (I’m not biased or anything, I promise), and if you do live in Sheffield, have a little stroll to the Showroom Cinema on you lunch break ;). My exhibition is all about Sheffield - some of the people and places that I think make it such a great city.

4) Go watch a film while you’re at it:

The Showroom Cinema is my favourite little cinema. For a start, the food there is amazing and there’s always a great selection of films on. Even better, you can take a glass of vino into the cinema with you! 

Find out more here:

5) It’s for you:

Yes, that’s right, I did it for you guys - I’m good like that ;) Seriously, though, an artist rarely creates work to hang in their cellar, right? I create art that is to be enjoyed by you, critiqued by you even. Although I could sit and draw on my own all day long, part of that enjoyment is in knowing it can be shared with other people and life’s better shared… so why don’t you share this link with someone else too and spread the love ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, all you lovely, busy people!

Lisa x