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It's not rocket science: You can't be good at everything... can you?

Can you be good at everything? Probably not. Why? Because there aren’t enough hours in the day and, let’s face it, you probably don’t have the desire to start learning rocket science if you’re a designer like me. If my life depended on it though? Well, I’d give it a good shot. I may not have a natural flare for it but I reckon I would invest everything I could into it. But right now? I don’t want to learn it because quite frankly there are more appropriate things for me to learn (and I would find it ten times harder than anybody else!).

One of those more appropriate things is animation. I’m currently sat, learning a bit of Adobe Flash and I’m finding it a bit frustrating: learning new things is both a joy and a chore. I hate getting stuck and searching for answers online seems to take a long time to come up with a solution for each problem - there’s a million tutorials to sift through. Admittedly, I may not be going about things the right way but I learn by trial and error.  Now, I’m not naturally technical and I hate information overload but I’m prepared to battle through the frustrations and learn it because I know what I want to achieve at the end of it and that’s got me thinking about how many things we’re prepared to put in the hard graft for. 

There have been things in the past that I’ve given up on because I did not have the drive to learn. I would shy away from maths at school because it didn’t interest me and, in turn, I didn’t invest enough time into it. There comes a point in life when you have to have to find the right balance between investing in the mundane of learning and enjoying the fruits of it! In any profession, there are so many things to learn and it’s hard to structure time appropriately but doing so will mean you are far ahead of the game.

On another point though, just because you’re good at something doesn’t necessarily mean you should be investing in it. In my opinion, what should drive you is passion and not skill. If there is no passion in what you do you will find it hard to think it worth investing hours in learning new stuff about it. You may as well study rocket science after all and at least you could earn a good living out of it…

What drives you? Is it natural talent; others’ opinions; money; fame… or just something deep in you that knows it’s what you should be doing?