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Illustrated calendar design

illustrated calendar with hand drawn lettering

I was commissioned to illustrate and design a company calendar, incorporating hand drawn lettering. The client provided me with some quotations that they wanted including and I planned out the calendar in rough, taking into account the space I had to work with within the design.

hand drawn lettering rough

Because I wanted a mix of lettering drawn with ink, and others pen and digital, I created many of the words separately in order to compose them altogether digitally at the end along with any illustrative elements.

lettering work with ink
black and white lettering

The final lettering illustrations were composed in Photoshop, layering textures and adding effects to the letters as I felt appropriate. I wanted each month to have a different colour theme so I worked with a limited colour palette for each one.

illustrated calendar
hand lettering calendar
december lettering

I then incorporated the illustrations into the layout and created each month with the dates and other information provided. The file was then created as a high resolution file according to the print specifications.

hand lettered calendar
hand drawn lettering
illustrated calendar
hand drawn lettering design