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Dan Baldwin Exhibition

I went to see Dan Baldwin’s solo silkscreen print show last week and if you’re in the Sheffield area I would thoroughly recommend going to see them as you cannot appreciate the colours and textures from these images! The exhibition is on until 26th at 99 Mary Street.

I had always liked Dan’s use of drawing and colour but I had no idea how textured they were or how amazing they looked with splashes of silver and gold, which just cannot be picked up on a computer screen. The scale of these silkscreen prints also means that the lines and colour fill your vision and you get lost in the quirky surrealism.

Obviously Dan’s work is very different to my own but it has encouraged me to experiment with the use of colour and textures within my pieces, working ontop of my digital prints in metallic colours to bring a new dimension to them when they are seen in person. I have also been inspired to try new compositions that become a visual experience of pattern and colour, rather than just one stand alone image. I also love the white frames he uses on some of them which really make the images stand out.

Have you been to see any of Dan Baldwin’s work and what did you think of it?