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Welcome to my blog where I post about all things creative, from my latest food illustrations, design work and hand lettering doodles, to articles about freelancing and creativity. I hope you like my posts.

I just thought I’d update you with a few current artists that inspire me at the moment. I love work that is essentially based on drawing and has character to it. As most of my work is reportage work I generally like artists who take their inspiration from real people and places, or at least have been developed from them. 

Hennie Haworth is one of my favourite illustrators as I love her use of line and quirky representations of people and places. I also love the ‘looseness’ of her work, the use of colour and texture that looks like it is done at random yet is very carefully planned. Her use of composition is great. Check her out at:

I also love the illustrator 'running for crayons’ (aka. Tilly) as she creates really quirky and humorous characters. I love the detail in her work, yet at the same time she maintains a simplicity with it: subtle use of colour and simple line. Check her out at:

The third is Nicole Florian. I love her use of watercolour and the way she gives us just enough information to intrigue us without giving too much away. I like the 'unfinished’ look of her work. Check her out at:

And an 'old school’ one is Edgar Degas. A lot of his drawings have a freshness about them that make them seem very modern. I think his figures are amazing, based on life and beautiful lines and shading. His work is great because these are real people - from his own experiences. I like to try and base my work on my own surroundings and the people I meet. See some of his work here:

Who are your inspirations?