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For the love of type: My experimental alphabet

Paper cut lettering

Paper cut lettering

I recently took on the challenge of creating 26 different letterforms as a way of a) developing my typography skills, b) experimenting with new media c) Creating ideas out of ordinary things and d) to tip my lettering obsession over the edge! So, without further ado, here is my experimental alphabet...

36 days of type_lr.jpg

A - Cut into an apple and photographed
B - Drawn with Posca pen on black paper
C - Photoshoped textures and shapes to create a maze effect
D - A photograph of the handle of my laundry bin with coloured paper behind it
E - A stop frame animation of my art equipment
F - Paper cutting
G - An animated gif of a g as a scalextric track
H - An animated gif of a tetris game/falling bricks
I - An illustration of a man waiting for the rain in pen and digital textures
J - Photograph of jellybeans
K - The shape of the back button on Spotify created in Illustrator
L - A photograph of the corner of my mirror
M - Lettering created out of mud and grass and photographed
N - Lettering created out of nails on polystyrene and photographed
O - Layered paper photographed
P - Formed out of a pineapple and photographed on yellow paper
Q - The 'power on' button turned on it's side, created in Illustrator
R - Lino cut and block printed
S - An adapted illustration of food to form an S shape
T - Drawn with tea and pen
U - Animated gif created in Photoshop
V - Ink and water
W - Animated gif of a heart monitor to form a W in the waves
X - A photograph of my bathroom tiles
Y - A digital Illustration of a zip
Z - A pencil drawing of me sleeping (exhausted from creating too many letters!)

A stop frame animation of my art equipment.

This project has been brilliant for me in order to get new ideas for pushing my work forward. One of the things that is difficult for illustrators is finding the balance between being known for a 'style' that is recognisable and also keeping your work fresh and inventive. For me this project has helped me to get an idea of how I would like to bring more of the various forms of media into my work without compromising my 'voice' as a visual artist. Drawing is always going to be the main theme in my work but that doesn't necessarily mean I have to draw using the exact same media. One of the things that came out of this project is my love of craft and it was nice to get back to a more 'hands-on' approach to my work as opposed to always creating work digitally. Photography and animation were also things that made me buzz doing this project and so I am keen to develop these mediums more in order to bring more life to my illustrations in some way.

So, watch this space! I will be trying to implement new things into my personal projects to see if I can push these ideas further and use some of the elements I've like the best about this project!

Thanks for reading!

Lettering created out of mud and grass.

Lettering created out of mud and grass.

Black and white illustration of man waiting for the rain

Black and white illustration of man waiting for the rain

paper cut lettering
Block print

Block print

An animation of the letter g as a scalextric track

You can see each of the letters in more detail on my instagram account at