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One big THANK YOU!

lisa maltby thank you

A year ago today I started my own business. There are lots of things people think constitute a business - perhaps having employees, a board room with posh leather seats, or maybe a pin striped suit and a 70s style moustache – but just because I do not have those things does not make what I do any less of a business, albeit a small one. When I announced this to the world it sounded incredibly exciting, but often when we make these big life decisions they come with a great deal of challenges. I had been working as a senior designer at a graphic design agency, where I had been for nearly ten years, but I decided that after much wrestling (in my mind, not the agency, though that would have made for comedy viewing), that it was probably time for me to leave. Despite working on my own projects for quite a number of years, I still didn't know how much work I'd be able to get in and that felt a little scary. I had also just had my second child and the timing was probably not ideal in terms of a) juggling life and work b) being taken seriously in business as a woman with a young family and c) going to meetings with encrusted weetabix on my jacket (repeat b)).

How I decided to go into business.

How I decided to go into business.


But I've had a brilliantly successful year (phew!), albeit down to incredible amount of hard graft. I have worked for some amazing clients, had a bit more sleep (though not much, but I can't blame my kids this time), given talks to over 150 students, had a couple of viral blog posts, painted an elephant and eaten more bags of Skittles than I care to mention. I've been overwhelmed by all the people who have shared my posts and said good things about my work as well as all the agencies, art directors, companies and individuals I have worked with and who have passed on my details. I've worked with some brilliant people and I have got lots of exciting projects lined up over the next few months, as well as a couple of radio shows!

So I guess this post is a heart-felt thank you to everyone who has connected with me this year and shared my work; to everyone who has beared with my tendancy for over-sharing and my way-too-honest blog posts, and a huge thank you to those who have commissioned me to work with them and referred me on. The biggest thank you goes to my husband who encouraged me to take the leap to work for myself and who shares life's responsibilities in order for us both to be able to pursue our passions and ambitions to the full.

So here's to the next year. I'm looking forward to working on some more great projects and with some old and new clients, as well as developing more of my own work and coming up with some new ideas! I'm going to be taking a little break over the next few weeks to give your social media feeds a break and my head a well earnt rest. I look forward to starting afresh in September. If you'd like to work with me I'd love to hear from you!

Ps. I promise I will get more sleep this year, wear pin striped suits (minus weetabix) and be way less honest in my blog posts*



*You know there is no way that's ever going to happen.