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Cocktail Menu Illustrations

illustrated cocktail menu cover

I've recently completed another commission for some more cocktail illustrations for a popular drinks menu. These were commissioned through a design agency who designed the final drinks menu - so keep your eyes peeled if you spot it when you're out and about ;) 

I loved working on these, illustrating them with different elements that bring them to life. The illustrations were created from photographs of the cocktails with an open brief to add creative flair to each one according to the cocktail name. The cover needed to be a fun cuban scene with a vintage feel - though this illustration eventually ended up inside the menu instead. The illustrations were drawn out as roughs initially in order to make any necessary tweaks before I started the colour work. Once approved I created the line work and added colour digitally.

Watch this space for more lovely cocktails coming soon!

cocktail menu cover rough
Example of photographs to work from.

Example of photographs to work from.

Jamaican me Crazy illustrated cocktail

Jamaican me Crazy cocktail

illustrated Caribbean Iced Tea

Caribbean Iced Tea

revolucion de cuba illustrated cocktail

Dirty Banana

revolucion de cuba illustrated cocktail

Ruby Punch

revolucion de cuba illustrated cocktail

Shot selection