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Chatsworth House Grand Tour Passport Design

chatsworth house grand tour passport

I was commissioned by Chatsworth House Trust to design and illustrate a twelve page booklet for The Chatsworth House Grand Tour. The booklet is aimed primarly to facilitate children on the Tour to help them learn all about continental travel, as seen through the eyes and collection of the Devonshire family. The brief was to design the booklet in a 'passport' format to reflect the theme of travel. I also needed to allow space for stamps as they were collected throughout the Tour.

Initial rough of the first spread

Initial rough of the first spread

Once all the roughs for each page had been approved I started on the final layouts. I worked over each individual illustration in pen to create strong black line work. The illustrations needed to remain on individual layers so that they could be moved around if necessary. I scanned in each drawing to my computer and then worked on the colour and textures in Photoshop. I then created the final layout in In-Design according to print specifications.

The process behind creating the illustrations

hetirage graphic design

And here are the final page designs...

I then needed to create stamp designs for the embosser machine in order for the children to place them on the spaces provided within the passport. Each stamp needed to represent a different item on the Tour. For this I needed to create the stamps in vector and in black and I did so in Adobe Illustrator.

Embosser stamp designs

Embosser stamp designs

Chatsworth House illustrated passport

You can see The Grand Tour at Chatsworth House until October 2016 so why not make a visit? You can find out more about the Tour on the Chatsworth House website: