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Bangers and Cash Illustrated car bonnets

Bangers and Cash exhibition, Sheffield Winter Gardens

Bangers and Cash is a charity project that is raising money for the charity Roundabout in Sheffield. This summer teams will go on tour by travelling the 1219 miles from Sheffield to Monte Carlo in old bangers with beautifully painted bonnets. Each bonnet has been painted by a different artist and are currently on display in The Winter Gardens in Sheffield. At the end of the tour the bonnets will all be auctioned off for the Roundabout charity.

Bangers and Cash exhibition, Sheffield Winter Gardens
The route designed by Matt Cockayne

The route designed by Matt Cockayne

I was honoured to have the opportunity to paint two bonnets for the project, one to promote the event, and another to feature on the 'Roundabout' charity car. 

My 'Born to be Wild' Bonnet

My 'Born to be Wild' Bonnet

Each artist was asked to come up with their own design and were then chosen by different sponsors who wanted to take part in the rally. My 'Born to be Wild' bonnet has a fun and colourful feel. Born to be wild is reflective of a 'racer' mentality but it is also a reminder that we were all born with amazing potential to do things perhaps others say are a little out of our reach. Roundabout is a charity that helps young people to find their potential in life and gives them tools to better fulfil their dreams.

close up details of illustrated bonnet

My 'On it Like a Bonnet' design was originally done to promote the event but will be auctioned off at the end of the rally. It is obviously a play on words, but represents the amazing project and team at Roundabout who are doing great things with purpose. 

On it like a bonnet
car bonnet details

Here is my work in progress for both the bonnets!

The final auction will take place in October but you can start bidding online here