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Welcome to my blog where I post about all things creative, from my latest food illustrations, design work and hand lettering doodles, to articles about freelancing and creativity. I hope you like my posts.

Typography experimentation

printed trpography
cut out typography
printed typography
printed typography
printed typography

I have always developed my personal work alongside commissions as this is an important aspect of creativity that helps my work to develop through experimentation. In all honesty, I have often played it a little too safe in the way that I experiment, perhaps wanting to produce work that 'fitted' my portfolio or had a purpose. This is all well and good but if there is never any element of 'play' then the work has a danger of becoming dull and never evolving. So, for this experiment, I wanted to try different techniques for producing unique typography, incorporating cutting, printing, photography and photoshop. I planned to try each medium separately but I ended up incorporating all four. I created a stencil which I painted over to create the letters, and then I took a photograph of the the paint covered stencil against the sky. I then transferred both the print and photography to photoshop and played around with the colour to create different effects. These are just some of my experiments (god, I sound like a mad scientist). This has helped me to see how I could incorporate more print into my work, even though I would not normally work in this way. The art of lettering is not solely in producing letters, but in how they are composed and coloured, and how you can create an effect that makes people stop and think 'I wonder how that's done?'. So I am going to continue experimenting with some of my hand drawn lettering work too, adapting it through different mediums in order to push it further.