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Weight Watchers Magazine commission

weight watchers illustration

I was recently commissioned by Weight Watchers Magazine to illustrate a feature about Christmas drinks, incorporating a fun sudoku game to work out how many Weight Watchers points each drink was worth. The brief comprised of illustrating a sudoku board and all the christmas drinks within the article, which were to be strategically placed so that the game could be completed. Hand drawn lettering was also needed for the art director to place next to each drink.

I initially planned out the composition in pencil, based around the space I was given to work within and once this was approved I then drew out each element in pen, including the lettering (which was to be provided separately).

cocktail illustration rough
food illustration
lettering art
illustration process

I then worked up the illustration digitally, adding textures and colour in Photoshop layers, adapting colours as necessary. I wanted each drink to be illustrated separately so that I could arrange and scale them accordingly when placed on the suduko board. Some of the drinks needed to be featured separately within the article also so this made it easier for the art director to do so. 

mulled wine illustration
weight watchers magazine commission

The illustration and the lettering was provided separately so that the art director could place it accordingly, other than the 'Hot Chocolate' lettering which needed to look as though it was placed on the inside of the cup which I manipulated in Photoshop.

weight watchers illustration
editorial food commission

And this is the final illustration. What do you think? 

(More importantly, what will you be drinking this Christmas?!)