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Top Santé food illustration commission


I was recently commissioned to illustrate an article for Top Santé magazine on the types of food that were best for combatting IBS symptoms. The brief was to illustrate a wok with the healthy ingredients described in the article and the foods needed to spill out around the title to frame the page.

I was given the article and the space available to fill and I created a rough visual of the composition I was planning. The deadlines for editorial illustrations are often very short and I had a few hours to create the rough visual and a day to complete the final illustration. 

food illustration rough

Once the rough visual was approved I created the line work by hand, adding different line weights to add depth. I then scanned this in to my computer to work digitally, adding textures and colours in photoshop layers and altering colours accordingly. 

food illustration line work
editorial food illustration
editorial food illustration

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