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Whisky illustration commission

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food illustrator

I seem to be getting a bit of a reputation for drawing alcoholic drinks, and short of giving me an excuse to take my sketchbook down the pub, it gives me more opportunity to develop my observational skills and make something quite ordinary look attractive. 

Although most drinks illustrations I do are commercial, this commission was actually a private one, commissioned to celebrate a ten year marriage. The illustration needed to depict the husband's love of Laphroaig whisky (try pronouncing that) and his passion for writing music on his guitar. His love of music is shown by his music notebook, of which I digitally placed an actual scan of one of his pages onto, so that it was his genuine notes and scribbles, and I also placed a plectrum in the foreground. 

How I work is to draw the composition in pencil, and once Im happy with it, to draw in pen and/or ink to create heavier depth of line. Once I have done that I then scan the drawing in and add colour digitally, which enables me to add more vibrant colour than I would be able to do by hand.

I was really honoured to do this piece. Congratulations Becca and Chris on your tenth wedding anniversary!

And in case you're wondering, I didn't drink the whisky. ;)